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In accordance with Rule 13 of the Club Rules, I hereby give notice that the Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 24th May 2019 at 7:30pm in the Clubhouse. Please note that only fully paid members of the Club may attend and vote at the AGM.

The following are the Management Committee’s nominations for Club Officers:


Honorary Secretary: Paddy Fitzmaurice

Honorary Treasurer: Conal Curran

Vice President: Tommy Darcy



Resolution to Annual General Meeting (proposed by Management Committee) 

Under Rule 18 of the Rules of Terenure College RFC, the Honorary Treasurer is required to present the duly audited Financial Statements of the Club for the Season just completed, for consideration by the Members and their approval of the Honorary Treasurer’s Report and Financial Statements for the year. 

As the Financial Statements are externally audited and it is not possible to have this Audit completed by the date of the Annual General Meeting, the Management Committee request the approval of the Meeting to adjourn the AGM, sine die, to a date at which such Financial Statements will be available and the AGM can be reconvened with due Notice. 


Terenure College RFC Management Committee – 1st May 2019 


I look forward to seeing you on the 24th May 2019

Paddy Fitzmaurice
Hon. Secretary

1st May 2019