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For the first time, you can now pay your subs quickly and easily online. Simply click on ‘Club Membership Online‘ on the homepage, or on the Online Membership button on our facebook page and follow the directions. 


All members can now avail of this service, with different categories for all classes of member, from player to pavilion, and young to, well, not so young…!


Remember, Terenure College RFC is a members’ club. Aside from our generous sponsors, all of our funding comes directly from us, the members. It’s up to all of us that enjoy our great club to pay our share and keep the club in the wonderful shape it is in. We have now have facilities that are the envy of most other clubs, but we also have to pay for the generous loans that helped us build them. The club is for all of us, so please do your part and keep up with your subs.