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Well done to our own John Kearns, has just launched a new microbrewery in Tallaght, Priory Brewing. Some of our members have already had their first taste of Original Sin, the name of Priory’s first beer, an IPA, thanks to an early consignment. Others can share the experience, as it will shortly become available in the club on bottle and on draught. Read on for the story of how this brewery came into being:

Tallaght, in South Dublin, has a proud heritage as one of Ireland’s most important medieval monastic centres. On the same site, now known locally as the Priory, the Archbishop of Dublin established a summer palace, incorporating a small brewery and hop garden. Now 250 years later, Priory Brewing is again producing hand-crafted local beer in the heart of Tallaght village. Priory Brewing seeks to reclaim that heritage and create a craft product that will add to the sense of pride being developed by the evolving artisan food culture in South Dublin county. It will also create a product of interest to visitors in

the various local establishments, creating a new and exciting experience of Tallaght.

Priory Brewing is a craft brewery with a definite Tallaght community identification, contributing to a sense of ‘pride of place’ so central to the craft beer industry. Moreover, Priory Brewing is a social enterprise – Ireland’s first social enterprise brewery – with all profits being re-invested in local economic development and jobs.

For their first beer, Priory has decided on an American style IPA called ‘Original Sin IPA’ The tasting notes describe it as a Trinity of Magnum, Citra & Mosaic hops blended together to create citrus, tropical, fruity tones while four different grains harmonise to create a good malty background.

Priory Brewing is based in Tallaght Enterprise Centre on Main Road in Tallaght Village where they have built their brand new brewery. Priory Brewing is the latest brainchild from Partas, the enterprise development agency in Tallaght. It follows hot on the heels of their very successful and trendy speciality coffeehouse ‘The County Fare’ in the same centre. Partas CEO, John Kearns, takes up the story:

‘When I first mentioned that I thought we should start a microbrewery, there was a series of gasps and puzzled faces. When I explained why and how I believed it could fit into a wider strategy to put Tallaght strongly on the food map and encourage other artisan producers, it seemed to make more sense. Now it seems normal but 18 months ago it seemed mad. It has been a massive learning curve but we have had a lot of luck and support along the way. The craft beer community is incredibly helpful to each other and newbies like us and we can all learn from that. The LEO has also been very supportive and we were lucky to find our head brewer, Seb Kondol, who had just moved to Tallaght. He is an award-winning brewer who has been invited to brew his special Christmas Ale for Smithwicks in James’ Gate.’

‘The craft beer market is in its infancy but growing and I think it is important that we have a real local beer for visitors to enjoy and for locals to feel proud of. We plan to develop a full range of quality and innovative beers and to encourage more and more locals to explore and enjoy the excitement and flavours of genuine small-batch handmade beers. Once they discover the taste of real beer, they’ll embark on a fantastic voyage of discovery that will become a lifetime pleasure. When they do, I hope that Priory Brewing will be a key part of that journey.’