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Our former club chairman, Vinny Kearns, has asked us to share the following message with you – with the chance to win a wonderful Renault Kadjar!


My daughter Gemma is a 32 year old Special Education Teacher in Celbridge. At 19 years of age Gemma was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Over the last 13 years she has suffered many debilitating symptoms including vertigo, balance issues, kidney problems, chronic heat intolerance and vision disturbance. There are no medications available in this country that can stop the progression of this disease. With highly active MRI scans Gemma fears her future of the unknown. Unfortunately it is highly likely that MS will claim Gemma’s independence, mobility and take her future away, with little our health system can offer to stop this illness.
Thankfully, HSCT, a stem cell transplant and Chemotherapy, could help halt the progression of MS. This treatment is not available in Ireland and is only on trial in the UK. Gemma does not meet the criteria to be referred to the UK under the Treatment Abroad Scheme…. but has been accepted to go to Puebla, Mexico on July 17th for a 28 day HSCT treatment that will allow her to live a life free from MS.
Dr.Ruiz has performed this treatment for over a decade for patients with MS and is one of the leading professionals in this area. The health care system in Ireland will not financially support this treatment. Instead they wish to keep Gemma on lifelong medication that costs the state approx. €100,000 per year per patient and only works to reduce relapse rate not progression. HSCT will in total cost approximately €75,000, a onetime payment for a one time treatment. Gemma needs this opportunity to prevent her MS progressing and Gemma will also undergo 12 months chemotherapy in Ireland post op which will not be covered by the health service or health insurance so the family will fund this.

As part of the fundraising we will hold a car raffle for a Renault Kadjar in Citywest Hotel on March 11th alongside a Strictly Come Dancing event. Understanding the financial challenges many of you are facing I would ask that if your company was in a position to make a donation or if you personally wish to buy a ticket or contribute any amount on Gofundme Gemma Kearns I would greatly appreciate it. A special account has been opened for this fund BIC : IPBSIE2D   IBAN : IE82IPBS99066025714810 please use your name for reference and checking.

Please click here to see the wonderful prize you could win!


There are so many deserving causes seeking support and I know you can’t help them all so I fully understand that also,

Kind regards,

Vinny Kearns